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Born in the downtrodden village of Uttar Pradesh a daughter of a Dalit society. Accidently the evil powers unleashed are transferred to Virushka. 

Virushka now has the evil powers which she use against the evil world to fight the existing Asuras and Rakshasas of the underworld. As a demon slayer she also faces the tough evil times. She has to fight for her survival and the horror thriller action starts between Virushka and evil world (Rakshasa/Asura)
Kali demon hunter in the modern world a human manifestation of goddess Kali killer of Raskshasa and Asura

Possesses the same power of the goddess hunts the demons existing using modern weapons. She is also a part of the on going battle between the two evil worlds.

Her complexion being dark hence humans identify her as Kali.

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